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Green Power Saver (Fiji) limited is a leading energy efficient lighting and related solar arrangements provider. We are a green power saver company that was established with an aim to provide real solutions for organizations and communities looking to reduce their contribution to the growing greenhouse emission concerns and focus on energy reduction or cut short their huge electricity bills in residential or commercial locations. We offer a wide range of energy efficient solutions.

Our green lighting solutions at Green Power Saver (Fiji) limited are second to none and we donít leave you till you are satisfied with our job because client satisfaction is always our utmost priority. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement of energy efficient lights and bulbs that we provide. Our products have been manufactured under strict quality control systems. We assure a pleasing experience!

Why Choose Us?

  • High performance
  • Long lasting products
  • Wide variety or selection
  • Budget-friendly
  • Environment friendly
  • Huge energy cost savings

Our Locations

203-205 Blackburn Road,Mount Waverley ,3149


Suite 9, Level 1, Ramscorp Bldg., Martintar, Nadi, Fiji Islands


19 Sikkim Cresent,Manukau, Aukland,NZ

New Zealand

We are located in 3 countries

Our Commercial clients

Our commercial clients have been successful in saving thousands and millions of pennies and have reported increased productivity to us in the past. We have been making drastic changes to cost reduction through our high performance and long lasting energy efficient lights in office locations. Our clients have faith in our technology regarding their remarkable savings potential that we assure them with.

We can be contacted for an arrangement or assessment like our other commercial clients do.

Our Residential clients

We can proudly claim that lot of our commercial and residential clients in the past have just loved our commercial grade lighting and the employees who have been smitten by our pleasant service have started to contact us for replacing lighting arrangements of their homes. We have a skilled and active team at our power saver store to serve our residential clients right away.

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