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Green Power Saver
(Fiji) limited

Who We Are

Green Power Saver (Fiji) limited is one of the well known and well recognized energy solutions company aiming at reducing energy costs drastically with the help of long lasting, high efficiency and high performing replacement lighting at prices you will love to afford them at.

At Green Power Saver (Fiji) limited we not just sell but also install LED, CFL and other types of energy efficient lighting for residential as well as commercial locations. We donít compromise on quality and our services are second to none.

Why makes our lighting different?

There are several things that make our lighting services different and set our lighting products apart but the major pointers are:

  • Quality
  • Style or design
  • Efficiency or performance
  • Selection

To put it straight, these are the benefits you enjoy when you shop from Green Power Saver (Fiji) limited.

  • Almost 50% energy cost savings
  • Easy installation and quick service with ROI
  • Higher clarity
  • High performance
  • Longer lasting lights
  • No flickering or noise
  • Carbon emission reductions

For commercial organizations, switching to a more energy efficient lighting is paying off. If you are also looking to respond to the global competition along with the market growth and pressure, it makes sense to explore ways that can help you operate with complete efficiency. These small efforts can contribute to making major differences.

Our aim is to understand the specific requirements of our clients and act according to their budget so that our lighting bulbs can add to the aesthetics of their home and productivity of their workforce. Our commercial clients in the past have successfully saved thousands and millions of pennies annually. Our clients are saving big and if you too want to cut short on your rising electricity bills or need to contribute to a positive environment building without adding more to the harmful greenhouse emissions, consider our solar arrangements and lighting products now.

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